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Anita Miles

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About Me...


I started riding at a local riding school at the age of six and so a life long passion began. Having worked in riding schools and livery yards, where BHS  exams and NVQ qualifications were gained, I went on to work in point to point racing, national hunt racing, hunting and eventing completing  six consecutive seasons in a private event yard in sole charge caring for horses from Intro level to FEI 1*.   

I studied at the  European School of Animal Osteopathy (ESAO) gaining a diploma in Animal Manual Therapy and Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques. I continued my studies further at The College of Animal Physiotherapy and was  awarded my diploma with merit in Animal Physiotherapy.

As an Animal Physiotherapist it is important to keep up to date with advances in the physiotherapy and veterinary fields. It is therefore paramount that at least 25 hrs continued professional development (CPD) is undertaken every year. This is a mandatory requirement by The Institute of Registered Veterinary and The Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitiioners  (RAMP) as is being fully insured.This ensures that every patient will benefit from the best possible treatment.

I have three horses and two dogs of my own. A native/traditional Cob who has had a successful showing career prior to me owning him. Unfortunately for me things havent always gone to plan with him- isnt that just horses?. After some investigation I discovered that he suffers from some moderate kissing spine at the base of his wither. I have spent a huge amount of time investing in reeducationg his way of going to ease is discomfort and regain natural balance and cadence. I have done this under the watchful eye of Jean Luc Cornille, founder of The Science of Motion. Without this route to take I do not believe my horse would be as confortable or as happy as he is today. I also have a Connemara  who has had a rather busy hunting career in Ireland and now enjoys a quieter life living on the farm ( basically free range and does what he wants  when he wants).

I have a keen interest in canine athletes too. As the owner of a rather energetic terrier it was hoped that he would partake in agility competitions. However, he had a different  plan; showing no interest at all,not even when roast lamb was used as a reward!!. It was a definite NO!. If time permits I would like  to register him as a pets as therapy dog. He is such a happy dog and makes everybody around him smile. My other dog is an elderly border terrior  who seems to get more lively the  older he gets. Currently 15 years old and going strong.

I have a keen interest in  neurology and  exercise therapy.  I am interested in how  injury is interpreted by the brain and how neurological patterns within the body adapt to injury. The outcome is abnormal kinematics (abnormal movement) as motor control   is interrupted. Following injury, where kinetic abnormality has become apparent, it takes time and patience to re-educate the bodies neurological system to function at optimum, or as close as we can possibly get, once again.  This interest is leading me down the neurokinetic science path. I look forward to completing my training in this field and putting it in to practice.