CPD Record

Dip AMT, Dip A Physio, RAMP, IRVAP

Anita Miles

Veterinary Physiotherapy

07973 167078


CPD Record....

Continued Professional Development

3 Day Equine Sports Massage Workshop - Institue of Complementary Animal Therapies (ICAT).

2 Day (14 hrs) Introduction to Equine Myofascial Release-Jo Rose Holistic Therapies and Training.

2 Day (14 hrs)  Equine Cranial Myofascial Release- Jo Rose Therapies and Training.

1 Day (7 hrs) Tissue repair -Professor Tim Watson.

1 Day (7 hrs) Therapeutic Ultrasound-Professor Tim Watson.

1 Day (7 hrs)  Equine Tissue Biomechanics and Proprioceptive Taping and Wrapping-Justo Developments.

3 Days (21 hrs) Horses Inside Out whole Horse Dissection- Gillian Higgins. 

2 Day (14 hrs) Masterson Method Equine Performance Bodywork-Jim Masterson.

1/2 Day (3 hrs)  Kissing Spines Seminar with Ollie Crowe of B&W Vets Gloucestershire.

1 Day (8 hrs)  Horse and Riders Pilates-Fairborn Vet Physio.

1 Day (7 hrs) Animal Rehabilitation Expo-Prysm Media Group.

1 Day (7 hrs) National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists Conference-NAVP.

1 Day (7 hrs) Canine Hydrotherapy in Association with Physiotherapy-Hawksmoor Canine Hydrotherapy Centre.

2 Days (16 hrs) Horses Inside Out Conference- Horses Inside Out/Gillian Higgins.

2 Days (13 hrs) Daniel Kamen Equine manipulation and Mobilisation Techniques-Caroline Lindsey Perfect Movement Solutions.

3 Days (21 hrs) Science of Motion Conference- Science of Motion Jean Luc Cornille.

3 Days (21hrs) Jean Luc Cornille Clinic (Germany)-Motion Exercise Therapy & Rehabilitation for the Equine.

Regular discussions with Veterinarians, Farriers, Saddlers, Barefoot Trimmers, Horsemanship Practitioners.


I am a member of RAMP, The Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners  and IRVAP, The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists. Being a member of these organisations means I  continually expanding my knowledge and keep up to date with what is current in the world of Animal Physiotherapy and rehabilitation  as well as advances in the veterinary world. Continued professional development (CPD) is an essential element of membership for both organisations. CPD enables a therapist to be up to date within their field of expertise and  a knowledgable and effective therapist.